Five strategies to make LED lighting lighting industry "off-season not light"

The common saying goes: "poor is the change, the change is through." When the LED lighting and lighting industry strikes in the off-season, we should actively change, so that enterprises can not only do "off-season talk", but even better than the peak season. We can consider the following five aspects:

Strategy one: transfer the market

When the so-called "off-season" comes, market transfer, to find the right market, and to shift the focus of sales.

Strategy two: opening up the channel for innovation

The "28 law" means that 20% of the customers decide 80% of the sales volume, which is also true in the lighting industry. Many LED lighting enterprises focus their efforts on customers such as distributors or dealers. However, the primary market has become saturated, and it is hard for brand products to break through again. Therefore, we can open up new marketing channels and look for new growth points. Such as the development of two level business and terminal retail outlets, or enter the two or three line market.

Strategy three: promoting new products

Using existing sales force and sales network to promote some popular new products, LED enterprises only choose the right products, and can not be "light" in the off-season.

Strategy four: increase sales promotion

We should intensify our efforts to popularize key markets and sales channels with extensive marketing channels. Through promotional activities to increase popularity, popularity is the only way to get money; add value added services and stimulate consumption. In the promotion, we should increase the promotion of high grade products and increase the proportion of the middle and high grade products in the total sales. This will help to reduce the cost of sales and improve the profitability of sales.

Strategy five: timely adjustment of enterprise internal adjustment

The off-season is a good time for the enterprise to complete the internal adjustment. LED enterprises should grasp the "hardware" and "software". While perfecting the enterprise system and cultural construction, the sales personnel should be organized to train the system so as to improve the professional knowledge of the sales staff and the ability to control the market.



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